About La Plume :

Pioneer: (pi.o.neer) -noun
1. a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others. 2. one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress: pioneers in cancer research. 3. one of a group of foot soldiers detailed to make roads, dig intrenchments, etc., in advance of the main body. 4. Ecology . an organism that successfully establishes itself in a barren area, thus starting an ecological cycle of life.adjective 11. being the earliest, original, first of a particular kind, etc.: a pioneer method of adult education.

1941 :
We started as an import-export company in Istanbul. We imported photographic films and blueprint papers from Europe and distributed these products in Turkey.

1979 :
We became a joint stock company. We started producing cardboard bobbins at our first factory located in the Dogu Industrial Zone at Yenibosna.

1983 :
We started producing hygienic disposable materials. We produced the first locally made baby diapers of Turkey under the brand name Popi Fiks.

1984 :
We moved to our current factory of 5,000 m2 on 29 Ekim Street at Yenibosna.

1985 :
We produced the first locally made hygienic pads for women under the brand name Lila.

1988 :
We produced the first locally made wet wipes. - The same year we produced the first locally made adult diapers.

1999 :
Turkey met with the concept of "soaker pads for meat & chicken products": We opened an era of food safety in Turkish Industrial History. The first meat pads were produced under the brand name: PILPED. In the following years, the usage of this product became mandatory by law thanks to our efforts.

As Elhadefler, we believe that we are an important producer and exporter that have left our mark on Turkish consumers during the last quarter century with our products Popi Fiks, Lila Fiks and Relax.

2011 ve La Plume. After more than 70 years of experience, we are a pioneer once more. We started "table fashion" in Turkey with La Plume! We produce totally hygienic high-quality textile-like AIRLAID napkins, runners and table cloths available with many forms of print and embossing. - Our products will facilitate the work load of the HO-RE-CA business and will set an effective accent on your table tops that will be admired by your guests. We hope that you'll enjoy our website. We will be delighted to answer all your inquiries, suggestions and complaints.

Remember that we are the PIONEERS.


In Anatolian culture, Ahi merchants used to inspect their colleagues. If some merchant acted unethically and deceived a customer, the other merchants of the town would "hang his shoes on the roof." When the villagers saw the shoes, they would not shop from that merchant.

Quality is a philosophy of life and its history is old. We believe that a company should define objectives that focus on customers. As Elhadefler, we focus on "added value". We know that creativity, improvement and hard work can create the concept of added value.

La Plume That is why since 1941 we have improved ourselves knowing that we manufacture products for people. We know that we should be different.

Our Mission :
We will create easy, economical ve hygienic solutions for our customers with our innovative and creative products. We will set effective accents on table tops that will glisten in splendour.

Our Promise :
We will always follow international standarts, improve our quality standarts all the time and innovate continously.
Our Vision :
La Plume, will be one of the leading companies that will determine table fashion in the world.

Research & Development :

The shoe is there. It exists. It can be seen and can be tried. However R & D is just a projection of a future that doesn't exist at the moment. It isn't there, it can't be seen, nor tried.
Robert A. Frosch

Today, "creating intellectual capital" is much more important then creating financial capital.
We are aware of this reality.
Since our first day in business, we have been investing in R&D and searching for new products
and production models.


We are friends of "GREEN" - We are a member of CEVKO- der Grüne Punkt Programme. We are one of the few companies whose annual packing material consumption is inspected by CEVKO.

We are also take pride of the fact that we own the largest tree population in the Yenibosna industrial district in Istanbul.



TSEK (Turkish Standarts Institute)

ISO 9001-2008

ISO 13485

HACCP Codex Alimentarius


We manufacture according to the principles above.

We also posess the Free Sales Certificate granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.